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Other Available Products

Other products made by and for AlAnn Ranch Alpacas include:

Hand spun and machined yarns - in skeins, balls and cones.

Handmade felted hats - many styles and all sizes. Custom made, and custom hatbands also.

Handmade and dyed, designer felted handbags.

Handspun, hand knit or crocheted, scarves and hats.

Bird fluff balls, for nesting materials; also dryer balls (eliminate static!)

Navajo Tea for dyeing and drinking! Refreshing taste and makes a yellow dye, shading from cream to bright orange. Also called Greenthread.

Gadgets! Ball winders, swifts, peg looms, spindles, shuttles, knitting and crocheting needles, baskets, hat boxes, just ask!