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Huacaya Alpacas, Call PRICE ($USD)
Felted Purse; alpaca; orange; felted beads; zippered & lined 60.00
Felted Purse; alpaca; blue/green; stone beads; unlined 40.00
Custom hand knitted or crochet baby blanket; 3x4 feet; choice of colors; heirloom gift 200.00
Alpaca filled 100% Pima cotton out Duvet; crib size 150.00
Woven Alpaca Christening/Lap blanket; distinctive stitching; satin edging 150.00
Alpaca Horse blanket or Lap Robe; 6 lbs; 3x2 feet; cloth edging; handmade 200.00
Felting and Batts
Felt sheets; natural colors; 3x4 feet;approximately 1 and 2 pounds 30.00 to 65.00
Carded batting for quilting, etc.; 9x12 inches; by the oz-red,white,lb,lf,blue,purple,black 6.00
Animal Friends party kit for 6 75.00
Felt a Rose kit; foam extra 25.00
Felted Batting strips; one and one half x 8inches; various colors 5.00
Classroom Materials Kit 55.00
Felting Needles; No.38 5.00
Foam Felt bed; medium; 5x8x2 dark felting foam 3.00
Fleece & Hides
Alpaca fleece; adult, raw, unsorted; 22 natural colors; 6 plus grades; OZ 3.00
Alpaca fleece; baby, raw, unsorted; call for availability; OZ 7.50
Tanned Alpaca Hides; various colors, sizes, staple length 250.00 to 350.00
Tanned Sheepskins; white, various sizes, staple length 200.00 to 300.00
Ground; no additives; by 2 lb pkgs 10.00
Snack Stiks, each approximately 1.7 oz; pkgs of 7; 5 oz, beef fat added (Currently out of stock.) 35.00
Half or Whole Carcass( processing extra) 100.00 to 150.00
2x5 Handspun & woven 100% Alpaca Navajo Rug by Loretta Flatrock, Tuba City, AZ 500.00
3x5 jute center alpaca rug with twisted fringe; stripe pattern (S.Morton) 265.00
2x3 jute center alpaca rug with fringe; SW patterns, Texas 100.00
3x5 jute center alpaca rug with fringe; SW patterns, Texas 135.00
4x6 jute center alpaca rug with fringe; SW patterns, Texas 216.00
Energy mats, jute center alpaca; 13x17 inches, no fringe; SW patterns, Texas 20.00
Knitting, Weaving, Spinning & Felting Supplies; Literature also available
Misc & Outdoor
Alpaca Manure by the pouond 5.00
Alpaca Manure by 5 gallon bucket (yours) 15.00
Felted Groundcloth approximately 2x3 sheet; about 1 pound 35.00
Greenthread (Navajo Tea) for dyeing and drinking; by OZ $3.50 per pound $40 3.50 to 40.00
Scarves, Gloves, Hats
Handmade scarf; crochet; dark forest green; 5x32 inches;100% alpaca 69.95
Fingerless gloves size large 22.00
Custom Hats; 100% alpaca; several styles and colors; cowboy, 10 gallon, fedora, cloche, sunhat 250.00
Socks, etc.
Boot inserts; felted alpaca; size XL (can be cut down) 10.00
Dress Socks; alpaca; different sizes and colors 21.00
Survival sock; size XL (13 to 15); NEAFP 25.00
Survival sock; size L; old style; NEAFP 18.00
Survival sock; size m (7 to 10); old style; NEAFP 15.00
Terry Boot Sock; various sizes; brown 25.00
Yarns and Roving
Chunky 2 ply 100% alpaca; light to medium brown, OZ 6.00
Fingering 2 ply 100 LB Suri alpaca; 250 yd 20.00
3 ply medium 100% Suri alpaca; 250 & 92; yds; (from roving) 26.00
3 ply worsted Mohair; 250,156,172,105,136 yds; Arizona Fiber Mill 45.00
Lace 100% baby alpaca cloud oyster heather 440 yds 50g;Peru 10.00
Lace 100%baby alpaca 2 ply 437 yds 50g; natural white; Canada 25.00
Lace 2 ply 100%baby alpaca 400m 50g Pink, Canada 25.00
Coned Alpaca Yarn
One (1) pound brown, grey and white, &light brown suri 110.00
Two (2) pound, light brown 189.95
Heavy Rug Yarn; Jute core, colors; 125 yd bumps; 2.5 lbs 95.00
Heavy Rug Yarn;twine core, colors; 150 yd bumps; 3 to 4 pounds 130.00 to 150.00
Huacaya Roving; black, brown, OZ 6.00
Suri Roving; white, light brown, brown, OZ 6.00
Navajo Churro handspun yarns in nine (9) colors by Loretta Flatrock, Tuba City, AZ 20.00